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With so much to do and see, where do you begin?  Let the suggestions of our travel experts be your guide by taking advantage of our pre-existing sample itineraries. You'll focus in on a theme of your interest, and make the most of the time you have in the Peoria Area.

During your next visit or vacation to Peoria, check out a completely different itinerary for another new and exciting experience. Or build your own itinerary as you go through our site! 


East Peoria Festival of Lights

Festival of Lights 

The East Peoria Festival of Lights will bring you an abundance of holiday cheer! As one of the largest lighted nighttime festivals in the nation, this winter wonderland getaway will bring excitement to any group!


Peoria Agriculture

An Array of Agriculture 

Central Illinois is more than just cornfields. Experience the professional side of agriculture 
or just be a kid again. Our agriculture features something for everyone.

Shopping in Peoria

Princeton Day Trips 

Bring your family and friends along for a fun, relaxing, and unique day trip to the historic town of Princeton, Illinois, as easy to reach as it is to enjoy.

Peoria Wine Tours

Natures Finest - Wine Trail   

This two-day trip is full of nature's finest: orchards, wineries, gardens and more!
Take a break from the bustling lifestyle you're used to and enjoy the simple things of the Peoria Area!


Peoria Industry and Historical Tours

Peoria Industry and Historical Tour 

Rich in history, Peoria is a river city industrialized by the technological advances of
manufacturing, transportation and agriculture.


Musical Attractions in PeoriaTest Your Senses 

Remember learning about your five senses in elementary school? Now it's time to put
them to the test!  See, hear, taste, touch and smell the following attractions, dining and accommodations in the Peoria Area.

Pumpkins in Peoria

Fall Treasures 

Breathtaking fall landscapes surround these "must see" attractions. You will easily spend an entire weekend uncovering some of the most beautiful treasures in the Peoria Area.



Downtown Peoria StructuresArt of Structure 

Escape on an architectural tour of downtown Peoria courtesy of Arts Partners of Central Illinois.
Enjoy this collection of 41 locations that showcases how important the arts are to our city's past, present and future.


Hidden Gems in Peoria

Find and Seek  

Here's the inside scoop on some of the best kept secrets in the Peoria Area. These "hidden gems" are found at these wonderful area attractions. You'll want to spend the whole day at each one!



Peoria Lights

Tricks of the Trade  

Ever wonder how they do that? Well, here is your chance to find out! Meeting the makers
of some of Peoria Area's finest products will be a guaranteed enlightening experience. 



Southern Scenic Byway in Peoria

Natural Views - Southern Scenic Byway  

Explore the southern half of the Illinois River Road National Scenic Byway. The following
eight points of interest best illustrate the natural intrinsic quality along the byway and its
many diverse facets.


Stark and Bureau CountiesStark and Bureau Counties - Exclusive Insider's View  

Welcome to Stark and Bureau Counties, filled with rich history, tasty cuisine and comfortable accommodations. Explore these highlights of the area or spend the weekend during one of the
many seasonal festivals.


Gambling in Peoria

So Many Ways to Enjoy Peoria  

Whether you enjoy getting in on the action or watching it as it unfolds, you will find a
multitude of choices in the Peoria Area.


Shopping in Peoria

Shoppers Dream Come True  

The Peoria Area is a shopper's dream come true. From quaint boutique shopping to malls
with major anchor stores, Peoria Area's shopping is as great as the surrounding scenery.



Peoria Art

The Art of Relaxation    

A weekend filled with artistic expression, what could be better than that? So check Peoria's weather forecast and plan a visit to one of the many art exhibitions, artist studios, poetry nights, and more.



Peoria Nature Trails

Trails Full of Adventures  

The Peoria Area has a variety of nature-based adventure hot spots that are one-of-a-kind and are a must to explore. From technical mountain biking systems and scenic biking trails to recreational walking trails and adventurous backpacking - the Peoria Area has many thrilling options to enjoy!




Please contact Kaci Osborne, Tourism Manager, at 309-282-3282 or

for more information on Group Travel to the Peoria Area.



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