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Illinois River Country has a wine country all its own for you
to explore and enjoy!  Mackinaw Valley Vineyard offers wine Mackinaw View2
enthusiasts the opportunity to stroll through the vineyard
and test their knowledge of the wide variety of grapes locally grown, or stretch out on the lawn and enjoy a glass while listening to live music by the pond. The gorgeous trails at Kickapoo Creek Winery, Inc. in Edwards give followers insight into the winemaking process while allowing them
to taste a nice variety of local flavor, and Willett's Winery and Cellar in Manito has been described as rustic, yet classy,
but never pretentious-and the wine speaks for itself. Whether you are interested in learning more about the tasting process or consider yourself a wine connoisseur, our area wine trail will have you coming back for more!

Did you know the top 6 grapes in the Central Illinois Region? Chambourcin, is a dark blue-black grape that
has the ability of producing highly rated full-bodied red wines. Chambourcin grapes are higher in "tannins" which give wine a dry taste. Seyval produces white table wines usually compared to a Chardonnay. Vignoles, favored for dessert, is a white semi-sweet wine. Chardonel, a cross between the Chardonnay and Sevyal vines, is known to be crisp and very dry. Chardonel grapes exhibit toasty oak, ripe apple and pear kickapoo
flavors. Vidal Blanchas a fruity, fresh taste. Vidal Blancs are high in sugar
and acid and can be compared to an ice wine. Norton grapes are darker, producing inky red wines with flavors of plums and cherries.

Interested in these Midwest, French Hybrid grapes? Visit the Peoria Area's
very own local wineries this season, or call 800.747.0302 to set up your own Group Tour Itinerary with our Tourism Department today!

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