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Welcome to Peoria!

I have heard many things from many people about Peoria, one of the most common is that there’s nothing to do here.  In which I think that these people must not be looking around.  Peoria is many things; however, boring is not that.   It embodies all the charm of a small town, but with qualities of a bigger city.  It has something for everybody. There are quiet streets and quaint stores that are owned by locals that have lived here their whole lives. While at the same time we get Broadway caliber musicals and chart topping concerts.  


Are you a foodie?  We have mom and pop owned diners as well as fine dining restaurants, with a wide variety of cultures, styles and prices.

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Interested in the arts?  Peoria has the ballet, multiple theatres, multiple galleries, museums, a symphony etc.


What about nightlife? There are pubs, bars with live music, nightclubs, comedy clubs, concerts on the riverfront and many other activities during the seasons.


What about sports fans?  Not only is Peoria home to a minor league baseball team, a minor league hockey team, a Division1 University in the Bradley Braves (which has 13 competitive sports), but it also hosts many other tournaments and sporting events.


My own personal view, if you think Peoria is boring…you’re not looking around you.  That’s the thing though, so many people get stuck in their own routines that they forget that there are other things out there.  That’s the reason for the creation of this blog! Through sharing experiences with you, we hope to encourage you to explore and experience activities in the area and ultimately ENJOY PEORIA!

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Posted on: 07/13/2020 By: Peoria Area CVB & Other Illinois CVBs
Posted on: 07/06/2020 By: Peoria Area CVB & Other Illinois CVBs
Posted on: 07/06/2020 By: Peoria Area CVB
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