1Hundred Degrees Fashion Wear

Bryan Cannon and Josh Cannon, Owners

3211 N. Prospect 
Peoria, IL  61603

The Cannon family hails from Brooklyn, NY, and operating a business runs deep in their blood. The brother’s maternal grandfather owned a barbershop and was a landlord. Their paternal grandfather owned a candy store and restaurant. It was just a matter of time before brothers Bryan and Josh broke out in business in Peoria in December 2019. Bryan says he loves using the ‘pop-up shop method to get their fashion to clients.

What stands out about the Cannons is the juxtaposition of youth and fashion heat over old school values and charm. Visually they are at the top of the urban fashion game. Meeting them in person, you quickly realize they are the wonderful products of good home training, a close, loving family and formal education.

When asked, what do the brothers want potential customers to know about their business, they responded with facts and what makes them unique. 

“We’re Black-owned. and we’re brothers just trying to look out for our community,” said Bryan.  

“We have the best deals, the best quality and the best price,” added Josh. “A unique feature is we are trying to bring a little New York to the Midwest.”  

Bryan was quick to share their parents and grandparents are their inspiration. 

“Because of them, I went to college,” said Bryan. “We were raised by our Dad. My Dad raised four boys to be men.

Face-to-face is one of the brothers' favorite ways to connect with customers. They are always in their own apparel – walking fashion billboards sporting their own line.

The Cannons contribute to the Peoria Black Community by supporting others, like Carlos and the Deluxe Girls.  

“We talk to people who look up to us - kids. We hold nothing back,” said Bryan. 

Bryan and Josh Cannon look like they just stepped out of a hip-hop video much like the one featuring them for this interview. Both shared huge grins and a laugh citing how they are more than just what’s on the outside. 

“Yeah, all this…AND we’re both Eagle Scouts,” said Josh. 

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