Angel's Place

Thena Kyle, Owner

620 N. Sterling Avenue 
Peoria, IL  61604

Miss Thena “Angel” Kyle hails from Los Angeles, California. Angel was first introduced to the world of business by watching her uncle run a trucking business in the mid-1950s. Angel is number 7 amongst 20 children; 10 siblings are still living with an age range of 59 to 80.  She recollects her oldest sister, Barb, as “a sharp dresser” and would become the inspiration for her future business. Angel said she did not want to retire from hairdressing and believed there was something still she still needed to do. So, she opened Angel’s Place during the fall of 2010 and with the help of family and friends, Angel is effectively able to run her business. 

“Meeting beautiful people, being able to give a smile, a dress or a pair of shoes is what I enjoy most about running my business,” said Angel. 

Angel makes everyone who comes to her store comfortable and does not accept prejudice – she downplays it.  She wants potential customers to know that you can find anything in her store.  If she cannot provide what you want, Angel will gladly recommend another store.  

Angel is inspired by everyday people and says her sister, Ann, as well as the church she attends, are her biggest supporters. 

“Be friendly even if they don’t buy. Never get nasty with a customer – even when they are wrong,” said Angel. “This is the business advice I can offer.” 

Angel also contributes to what she does not sell to various not-for-profits on the south side as well as her church.

When asked to share a unique feature of Angel’s Place, she confidently responded, “me.” 

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