Blown Away Balloons

Shatiya Alexander, Owner

Shatiya Alexander is a wonderful, youthful Black woman who has her sights set on building a balloon business founded on creativity and decorating.  She is a first-generation business owner and a proud mother of two daughters, both age 4.

Shatiya quickly stated that she most enjoys being in control of her business. 

“I make my own schedule and I like being my own boss,” said Shatiya. “But one of my biggest challenges is expanding and getting my name out.”

What all of Blown Away Balloons’ potential customers should know is that Shatiya enjoys working with people. Delivery, set-up and pick-up are part of her standard practice and the excellence you will get with Blown Away Balloons. The fact that she will bring her products to you is a unique mark of her business. Her biggest goal is to satisfy her customers.

Shatiya credits her mom for pushing her to do this.  

“I would advise others going into business to keep going. Keep pushing forward,” said Shatiya.

Her most effective way to connect with potential customers is on her Facebook page, @BlownAway Balloons. Shatiya contributes to Peoria’s Black community by helping “Stop the Violence” events and reaching out to other young people.

To get a real glimpse of Shatiya’s character, you have to know Shatiya’s family. She has two daughters, both age 4, yet they are not twins. Shatiya gave birth to a daughter and her sister also had a daughter around the same time. When Shatiya’s sister passed, she welcomed her niece into her home and has been raising her as her own child. 

Shatiya is building up Blown Away Balloons as a business to pass on to her children. Her passion has caused her to make a commitment that will one day impact her legacy.

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