Janet's Just For You

George H. Davis and Janet Cornish-Davis, Owners

1750 N. Sheridan Road
Peoria, IL  61604

This vibrant, fun-loving power couple offers the unique shopping experience of a ‘his’ and ‘her’ side of their floor room. Business runs deep in the Davis’ blood,  Janet’s grandfather once delivered coal and ice in Peoria and George’s great-grandfather was a tailor in St. Louis, Missouri who also owned a dry-cleaning business and convenience stores.  Between them, there is a wealth of experience and wisdom that is evident in how they have done business in Peoria since 1994. Janet’s passion for achieving customer satisfaction is mirrored by her husband.  

“We aim to please. We want you to be satisfied with what you get. I don’t sell to sell. I learn what you like,” said Janet. “No matter your size, you don’t have to look sloppy if you buy the right size.” 

For Janet, being a clothier means you also teach and serve and that’s part of her passion. 

“I want you to be proud of me for what I’ve done for you,” said Janet.

George offers one-of-a-kind designer menswear.  He usually buys no more than three of any given items.  

“This is a pleasure. This is not just about making money,” said George. 

George is inspired by his uncle, Leroy Davis, who taught him in his youth how to make honest money beyond working at CAT or resorting to criminal means.

Both advise those wanting to be entrepreneurs to understand that business is serving.  Janet also emphasizes that you should be ready for the black days – the days you make no money. George added on to his wife’s advice.  

“You must be devoted. We live here,” said George jokingly. “Be patient. On your good days, pay your bills. Don’t look to get rich.”  

Janet lit up when asked about how does your family help contribute to Peoria’s black community? The Davis’ have given scholarships annually for the past 15 years to local youth and they donate clothes to It Takes a Village which specializes in gowns for prom and clothing for funerals.  

“We are always giving,” Janet said with a bright smile.

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