Knockout Kings Boxing

Robert Bell, Owner

512 E. Kansas
Peoria, IL 61603

The hook for becoming a client of this business is to accept Robert Bell’s, ‘chance to better your life’ motto. This Black-owned business’s goal is to engage people and help them with everyday life by working on your mindset as well as your body.

The vision for Knockout Kings Boxing started in Michigan. Robert’s desire to teach, guide and direct came together with a strong spirit of entrepreneurship. That same mindset has helped Robert successfully navigate the pandemic. 

“When everything shut down, I stayed active,” said Robert. 

Knockout Kings - ExtraAs soon as it was feasible, Bell moved his workout classes to park areas around the city.

When asked about what makes Knockout Kings Boxing different from competitors like Landmark or Planet Fitness, he answered confidently, “Me”. 

After 30-years of working at General Motors, trucking and lawn service, Robert has built a reputation in the boxing world that has afforded him a chance to travel, see the world and give back to Peoria’s Black community by fostering a strong sense of brother and sisterhood.

Netflix is working on a documentary about Knockout Kings and its many successes over the years.  Right now, if you want to connect with Robert, join him as he trains 50 children through the week. Robert’s commitment to and concern for youth is apparent. But Bell doesn’t just work only with kids, right now, he has clients that range between five all the way to 50-years old.

At Robert Bell’s gym, you can work out, train and have opportunities to compete competitively. 

“When you come here, it is all business. Boxing has no color or gender. Boxing is about family,” said Robert.

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