Tremayne Branch, Owner and Keke Odom, Manager

500 Main Street              8807 N Knoxville Ave             3125 N. University St
Peoria, IL 61602             Peoria, IL 61615                      Peoria, IL 61604

Tremayne Branch is a true foodie at heart. When asked what made him go into the restaurant business, he replied very honestly and to the point. 

“I like to eat,” said Tremayne.  

Tremayne says he loves, meeting people and seeing the look on their faces when they eat his food. The food really is great and that is why Rumbergers, located in downtown Peoria, has grown and led to the opening of a second Rumbergers in June 2020 off University Street. Tremayne is grateful to his customers for their continued support.

Mr. Branch was inspired both by his family and a desire for a better lifestyle. While the business hasn’t always been easy, he says he wouldn’t trade any growing pains.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a steady stream of customers at both locations.  A unique feature of the menu is that every sauce and rub is homemade.  Tremayne says his use of a lot of ingredients in the right combinations leads to a quality that cannot be duplicated.

To help Peoria’s black community, Tremayne is intent on helping kids. He does everything from helping them meet school goals to providing meals. During COVID he has given away lunches to help the community along.

Going forward, Tremayne envisions franchising with like-minded people. 

If you look closely at the name, you will better understand why Rumb”E”rgers does not sell b”U”rgers. Once you taste their chicken, you will understand why some Peorians call it, treasure.

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