Triple Dipple's Treats and Delicacies

Harreld Webster, Jr., Owner

940 N. 2nd St. 
Suite A 
Chillicothe, IL 61523

Harreld summed up what influenced his desire to open his business with one statement - I just wanted a really good cheesecake. After looking all over, he could not find exactly what he was looking for.  He spent, as he puts it, two months and too much money, to create the cheesecake recipe that Triple Dipple’s is now known for.

This is a family affair with his wife and 3 children by his side. Harreld credits his wife for the businesses’ success.  

“She pushed me beyond my comfort zone,” said Harreld. 

Harreld is originally from Los Angeles, California and grew up watching his grandfather own two businesses in plumbing and trucking.Triple Dipple - Extra

Though the business has its challenges of long hours, being slammed with orders over holidays and having to explain that all bakeries do not serve donuts, they pale in comparison to what really matters to Harreld, meeting different people and feeding them joy and that is exactly what Harreld wants potential customers to know. 

“We have great people, great customers. We like to just hang out with them,” said Harreld. “We like to pray and encourage. Our business is a happy, safe, welcoming place.”

One of Triple Dipple’s unique offerings is the Sweet Tater Cheesecake that includes his mom’s secret recipe. The Oatmeal Cream Pie is also a fan favorite.

The Websters say their faith inspires them every day.

“God has great things planned for me,” Harreld said. 

A piece of sage wisdom in business he offers is to not make everything for everybody. Stick with what you do well and perfect it. It’s ok to say no.

From graduation at Paine College in Augusta, GA to education in Peoria and now a dessert guru, Harreld says with a laugh that he hates sales!  

Good thing his cheesecakes are so good that they sell themselves!

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