Uniquee Tees

Shundra Parker, Owner

1200 W. Main St. 
Suite 25
Peoria, IL 61606

Shundra Parker’s business started with a need. Her business began as a hobby with one machine. Once she began connecting with customers from all different walks of life and hearing their stories, she fell in love with the idea of bringing people together. Whether the birth of a child, Bradley sororities, celebrating a professional milestone or even a death, she wants her customers to know she cares.

Know that Uniquee Tees is so much more than just a t-shirt shop. Her business also does banners, brochures, advertisements and postcards. Though hurdles come with the territory of being a Black female, she is unhindered by the roadblocks she encounters.  

“My focus is to make your creativity come alive,” said Shundra. “My passion is to help every person be expressive.”

Shundra’s staff inspires her as well as her 6-year-old daughter. 

“I want to live up to her expectations,” said Parker. “I want to do more for our community. Something for my children and provide more jobs that teach embroidery and screen printing.”

Uniquee Tees began in Jefferson during August 2016. She opened her storefront in Campustown during June of 2019. Shundra solemnly gave advice to new business owners. 

“You are going to fail…and failure is a part of it. Most successful people learn from it. Grow from it,” said Shundra.  

Shundra is excited to partner with Discover Peoria. Currently, her biggest contribution to Peoria’s black community is through fair prices, discounts and trips to schools to help young people expand their creativity.

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Uniquee Tees

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