World on Wheels Segway Tours and Bike Rides

Lynnette Lee, Owner

100 NE Water St
Peoria, IL 61602

Want a professionally managed business that offers a fun, family-friendly experience? Then meet Lynnette Lee at the riverfront in Peoria, IL. She is kind, attentive and thorough as she takes a first-time Segway rider and turns them into a pro in a matter of minutes. She wisely shows you how to respect the equipment and patiently teaches you safety measures so you can genuinely enjoy your tour with choices of rides along the Peoria riverfront or downtown Peoria.

Lynnette discovered segways at Grant Park in Chicago in 2005. She launched her business in 2007 and has faithfully promoted not only her business but also Peoria to visitors for 12 years.

Business is in Lynnette’s family, from previous generations farming tobacco in Kentucky to her immediate family helping her in business now. Lynnette considers her flexibility one of her biggest strengths in business. She offers options for corporate functions and team building to private birthday parties. She can do block parties and groups of 30 up to 50.

Lynnette’s biggest supporter is her husband, though he did not see the vision at first.  

“Now, he is my maintenance man and trailer transporter,” said Lynnette with a smile.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge to business. In fact, Lynnette says World on Wheels was closed for four months during the summer this year. Usually, Lynnette has three mentees on staff. This year there is only one. Since her business began, Lynnette has mentored over 45 students of all different nationalities. She also contributes to the Peoria Black community by offering block parties, youth day for local churches, give-a-ways and giving young people an insight into the business.

Lynnette is a proud, Black-female owned business in Peoria and Discover Peoria could not be more proud of her success and longevity in business.

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