A fish fry is a Midwestern tradition. We may not live near the ocean, but with our rivers and lakes, we Illinoisans are accustomed to having delicious flakey fish. It’s something many people cherish and for others—especially those who partake in Lent—it is a Friday staple.

Looking to catch a classic Midwest Friday fish fry? Here are some spots in Greater Peoria to consider:


American Legion Post 100  {Washington}   //   LENTEN SEASON ONLY.  Serving a classic midwestern fish fry every Friday evening in Lent from 5:30-8pm at the American Legion Post #100


Brasky’s Bar + Grill  {Peoria}   //   Hand coated, flakey catfish filets, grilled honey bourbon salmon, large succulent red Argentinian shrimp, and apricot-glazed mahi mahi are served regularly.


Brickhouse BBQ, Burgers + Brews  {Washington}   //   Served year round, the Brickhouse cooks up award-winning grilled or fried catfish filets and hand breaded catfish po’boys. 


Burger Barge  {East Peoria}   //    Big Fish Baskets are served every Friday throughout the year. This local favorite flakey white fish is served with fries, hush puppies, and coleslaw.


Busy Corner Restaurant  {Goodfield}   //   Serving walleye and shrimp dinners regularly every Friday throughout the year.


Castaways  {Chillicothe}   //   Castaways serves all you can eat (AYCE) walleye dinners and shrimp baskets every Friday during lent. This classic fish fry comes with rye bread, fries or a baked potato and a trip to their famous salad bar.


Donnelly’s Irish Pub  {Peoria}   //   This Irish pub serves hand battered cod filets and house made fries every day throughout the year but during lent you can also order battered whole catfish and walleye, blackened tilapia sandwiches, shrimp po boys, and fried shrimp dinners.


Fox Pub  {Peoria}   //   Fox Pub regularly serves British-style fish and chips. With a little malt vinegar, this local favorite transports your tastebuds to a cozy London tavern.


East Port Galley Restaurant + Pub  {East Peoria}   //  Anchor down for some great seafood options. East Port Galley serves walleye sandwiches, whole catfish, catfish and walleye filets, and jumbo shrimp regularly. 


Gil's Supper Club  {Hanna City}  // Ahoy! Gil's Catfish Sandwich is a golden fried fillet served fresh from the sea. Their Alaskan Walleye is crunchy and flakey, and succulent jumbo shrimp will send you reeling.


Grecian Gardens  {Chillicothe}   //   This favorite gem serves breaded and whole channel catfish, jumbo fried shrimp, Alaskan walleye, broiled or breaded cod, perch filets, orange roughy, fried smelt, and frog legs (which, fun fact, are considered seafood and allowed during meatless fasts.)


Kelleher’s Irish Pub  {Peoria}   //   You can get Irish fish and chips year-round at Kelleher’s but they’re serving a little something extra during the Lenten season. On Ash Wednesday and every Friday through the season, order from their special fish fry menu!


Kemp 208  {Morton}   //   For an elevated fish experience, Kemp 208 regularly serves poblano and cilantro drizzled scallops, orange maple glazed salmon, BBQ crab cake sandwiches, and pan seared rainbow trout.


Kenny’s Westside Pub  {Peoria}   //   Traditional Irish fish and chips are available 7 days a week throughout the year at Kenny’s. Hand dipped in beer batter, these crispy cod filets are served with tartar sauce, cole slaw, and your choice of fries or tots.


Kickapoo Sportsman’s Club  {Brimfield}   //   LENTEN SEASON ONLY.  Serving a classic midwestern fish fry every Friday evening in Lent from 4:30-7pm at the Kickapoo Sportsman’s Club.


Maquet’s Rail House {Pekin}   //   The Rail house serves fish and chips regularly throughout the year. Their hand breaded cod filets are served golden brown with fries and marbled rye bread.


Midway Duck Inn  {Low Point}   //   LENTEN SEASON ONLY.  Serving AYCE (all you can eat) fish fry every Friday evening throughout Lent.


Morton Knights of Columbus Hall  {Morton}   //   LENTEN SEASON ONLY.  The Morton Knights of Columbas are serving a classic midwestern fish fry every Friday evening in Lent from 5:30-8pm.


Peacocks Pub  {Bartonville}  //  Walleye dinners are back on Friday nights! They also have jumbo shrimp, or you can go all out with a seafood platter. 


Po-Boy’s on Frostwood  {Peoria}   //   This is not your typical midwestern fish fry. Po-Boy’s regularly serves up New Orleans style catfish and shrimp dinners. Their menu is filled with flavorful seafood options to enjoy.


The Publik House  {Peoria Heights}   //   Fish and chips is a Publik House classic. Served regularly, this old world-style alehouse is a great spot for crispy flaky fish and hand cut fries.


The Rail Splitter  {Mossville}   //   Serving fish sandwiches during lunch and catfish + walleye dinners after 3pm every Friday throughout the year.


TnT’s Sports Bar + Grill  {East Peoria}   //   This local-favorite quintessential midwestern fish fry is served with a potato, cole slaw, and a dinner roll every Friday throughout the year.


Ulrich’s Rebellion Room  {Peoria}   //   Ulrich’s regularly serves Irish-style fish n’ chips. With housemade potato crisps and coleslaw, this local favorite dish will teleport you to a drizzly Dublin pub.


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