When it's not Irish Fest, here are some great locations to keep the party going until St. Patrick's Day. Sure, you can get Guinness anywhere, but doesn't it taste better in an Irish Pub? Luckily, here are some of the Peoria Area's locally-owned Irish-themed pubs!

Kelleher's Irish Pub & Eatery

Kelleher’s Irish Pub & Eatery   //   619 Southwest Water Street, Peoria 

Donnelly’s Irish Pub   //   4501 N Rockwood Drive, Peoria

W.E. Sullivan’s Irish Pub and Fare   //   4538 N Prospect Road, Peoria Heights 

Ulrich’s Rebellion Room   //   631 Main Street, Peoria 

Kenny’s Westside Pub    //   112 SW Jefferson Avenue, Peoria

Jimmy's Bar   //   2801 W Farmington Rd, West Peoria​

Carrigan's Pub   //   5506 N Main St, East Peoria

Paddy O'Flaherty's   //   201 E Ashland St, Morton