Anay's Salon

Elena Concileon, Owner 

2200 W War Memorial
Peoria, IL 61613 

Anay’s Salon is Hispanic-owned and family-operated. Elena Concileon and her daughters Magnolia and Samantha are devoted to helping everyone in the Peoria area look and feel their best. Elena wanted her daughters to have the opportunities she was not able to have and has made them part of the business. She fully supports her daughters and wants to support other young women who want to develop their skills in cosmetology. 

 It was not long ago that Elena found herself driving to Chicago for hair appointments. She was one of many Hispanic women who had a language barrier and were not able to find a hairstylist that could help them locally. Elena saw this as an opportunity and took initiative and enrolled in cosmetology school. The journey was not easy and as a single mother, her challenges were numerous. But, this set an example for her daughters who would follow in her footsteps.

Against all odds, Elena and her daughters opened their doors  In September of 2021. Elena is a goal-oriented business owner that understands that what makes a business successful is the owner’s capacity to persevere in the face of diversity. Now, thanks to Elena and her daughters, the Spanish-speaking community has a place that caters to their needs locally. 



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