Yeni’s Palarte 

Yeni Rodriguez and Chris McCall, Owners

4303 N Prospect Rd 
Peoria Heights, IL 61616

Yeni Rodriguez has called Peoria home since 2004. She made the move from Chicago to Peoria because Peoria provided her with a safer place to raise her children and with better job opportunities. Yeni recalls how friendly and inspirational the community was to her and continues to be to this day.

Yeni’s Palarte, located on the main drag in Peoria Heights, is a reflection of the love Yeni has for her home country of Mexico. She wanted to bring the unique flavors of Mexican ice cream with an added touch of her love for American culture in Peoria. No place in Peoria was able to satisfy her cravings and this is what makes Palarte unique to the central Illinois community. The experience of flavors is one of a kind and sure to satisfy any craving. 

Serving handmade ice cream, Aguas Frescas like horchata and jamaica and a small assortment of snacks. Yeni’s Palarte offers an alternative with seasonal flavors that Yeni and her business partner, Chris McCall, create together. They create unique flavors using local ingredients. They can also turn any drink of choice into a creamy ice cream cake for any special occasion. 

Yeni encourages anyone from the greater Peoria area, especially those who have never tried Mexican treats, to stop by Yeni’s Palarte and have a taste of Mexico. Yeni enjoys meeting the community she serves and giving back as much as she can. She is thankful and appreciative of all the support Peoria has given her.

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