Fulton County

Surrounded by over 30 miles of Illinois River and 40 miles of the Spoon River, Fulton County offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. The Spoon River Scenic Drive starts at Medina, carving a wide scenic valley through Fulton County as it flows from London Mills to the south and east where it joins the Illinois River near the southeastern corner of the county. 

Since 1968, Fulton County has hosted the Scenic Drive’s Fall Festival on the Spoon River Drive the first two full weekends in October. Are you curious about what life was like on the Illinois River Valley 12,000 years ago? Head over to Dickson Mounds Museum which is a branch of the Illinois State Museum and a National Historic Site. Miles of country trails can be hiked in Lewistown and then topped off with the perfect vintage at Native Trails Winery. Finish your stay in Fulton County at The Canton Harvester Inn which is a four-story luxury boutique hotel.