Maps & Mileage

The Peoria Area IS the heart of Illinois.  It is just a short drive from every major Midwest city and a quick hop aboard a flight from anywhere in the country.


Quad Cities, IA - 1.5 hrs.   
Chicago, IL - 2.5 hrs.   
St. Louis, MO - 2.5 hrs.   
Indianapolis, IN - 2.5 hrs.   
Madison, WI - 3.0 hrs.  
Milwaukee, WI - 4.0 hrs.   
Des Moines, IA - 4.5 hrs. 
 Louisville, KY - 5.5 hrs.   
Kansas City, MO - 5.5 hrs.   
Detroit, MI - 7.0 hrs.   
Nashville, TN - 7.5 hrs. 

 Peoria International Airport (PIA) offers non-stop flights to 12 destinations!


Allegiant Air: Las Vegas, Mesa, Orlando, Punta Gorda, Destin, St. Petersburg  
American Airlines: Chicago, Dallas, Charlotte  
Delta Airlines: Atlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis  
United Airlines: Chicago