German Cuisine

Do you have a taste for beer, bratwursts and sauerkraut? What about Thuringer, knackwurst or braunschweiger? The Peoria area has great German cuisine options for you and your taste buds to discover. 

Check out Peoria Hofbrau,  a family-owned Bavarian-style inn that serves delicious German cuisine. Known for serving some of the finest traditional German and American dishes in central Illinois, Peoria Hofbrau also offers Peoria’s largest and finest selection of German and German-style beers.

The Lindenhof, home of Peoria’s German-American society, is another top-rated choice for authentic German cuisine. They offer buffet dinners on Friday evenings where you can enjoy a large variety of classic and authentic German dishes at an affordable price. 

Visit the Peoria area to get a taste of the dishes that make up German cuisine and enjoy restaurants with a traditional German atmosphere.