Bradley University

Bradley University is a top-ranked private university near downtown Peoria that is home to nearly 6,000 undergraduate and graduate students. Bradley offers more than 185 undergraduate and graduate academic programs, and a much-celebrated NCAA Basketball program. The campus area is known for its diverse restaurants and retail shopping, along with some fantastic public art that visitors love to explore. Don’t forget to snag a picture with the university’s founder, Lydia Moss Bradley in the college’s commons. 

Top 5 Bradley Events to Attend

You don’t have to be a Bradley student to enjoy the many things that the University offers. In fact, Bradley welcomes the Peoria community with open arms. Now the next step is figuring out what to do!

1. Homecoming Parade
The much-anticipated parade is finally back from hiatus! Both students and plenty of decorative floats ride around the community in celebration. This event is basically dedicated to the community, so you really can’t miss it!

2. The lighting of the B
The annual lighting of the B, a day full of carnival games, food, and giveaways. This almost 100-year tradition features a massive B placed on top of Bradley Hall. It’s followed by a countdown that ends with a firework spectacular!

3. Bradley Braves Basketball Games
I think we all know why Bradley Basketball games are so important to both Bradley and the community. They’ve won countless awards, made it to the NCAA tournaments, have been national championships, and the list goes on! So chances are, you’ll watch an exhilarating game each time.

4. Bradley Theater Shows
Instead of going to a movie theater, you’ve frequently been to, try attending a theater production by Bradley’s very own students! With every show, you can immediately see how much dedication the students have put forth throughout the semester. Trust me, you’ll either tear up, have a good laugh, or sit there in awe.

5. Hilltop Trot
If your hobby is to run miles or simply stay active, this event is calling your name. Bradley partners with companies like ShaZam Racing and Running Central for a 5k run, or 1-mile walk if you prefer. Get your running shoes ready to travel through Bradley’s beautiful campus!