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Things to Do, The Place to our Peoria Area

Enjoy all Peoria, IL has to offer!
Published on Jan 15, 2016
No words needed, Peoria has it all!                                                                                   

Did YOU know Peoria?
Published on Jan 11, 2016
Peoria is full of surprises! Take a look!    



Take a look at what makes Downtown Peoria so unique and perfect for business!

Check out Downtown Peoria
Published on January 8, 2016
There is so much growth happening in Peoria, IL and we can't wait to showcase our history as well as our future.

Warehouse District
Published on January 12, 2016
Urban renewal of what was once the busy industrial sector of Peoria is turning the Warehouse District into a thriving community!

Riverfront District
Published on January 8, 2016
Peoria's vibrant riverfront is a hotspot for Peoria residents and visitors, with a number of attractions, dining, shopping and nightlife options.

Central Business District
Published on January 8, 2016
Peoria's Central Business District is the core of its downtown and shows the business DOES work in Peoria.

Medical District
Published on January 13, 2016
Two major hospitals and the University of Illinois College of Medicine - Peoria makes the city's medical industry one of the fastest growing employers in the region. 



The Peoria Area is full of amazing places to explore! Enjoy Peoria checks out some of those spots in "Tourin' the Town"!

Indoor Fun!
Published on December 22, 2017
Brrrrrr - it is cold out! Looking for some fun ways to enjoy the winter INDOORS? Check out our latest Tourin' the Town!

Washington, Illinois in the Fall
Published on November 1, 2017
Are you looking for some great places to hang out in the Fall? Look no farther than Washington, IL!

Enjoy the Outdoors in Pekin!
Published on August 3, 2017
There is so much to do outside in Pekin and on a summer day, there is no reason not to take advantage of that. Let's Tour the Town and see what we can do!

City Cycle Fun
Published on May 30, 2017
The Peoria Area's new bikeshare program - City Cycle - is already a big hit! Want to know what to do around the six bike stations? Let us help you with that!

Winter Fun Ticket
Published on December 8, 2016

Winter is finally here and IT IS COLD OUTSIDE. Everyone has holiday decorations out. The sun says goodnight too early. It may be easy to say “let’s hibernate” – but there is still SO MUCH to do in the Peoria Area during the Winter – and Enjoy Peoria is here to help you have fun during these next few cold months with our Winter Fun Ticket! The Winter Fun Ticket has a number of exclusive deals and discounts to area attractions. Let's Tour the Town and check out some of these fun spots!


Morton, Illinois
Published on September 14, 2016

Morton is known as the Pumpkin Capital of the World! Fun Fact - Around 80% of all canned pumpkin sold in the WORLD is made in Morton! Pretty neat, huh? No wonder the Morton Pumpkin Festival is known across the Midwest! Let's Tour the Town and uncover some other great Morton gems!


Travel to the Peoria Area
Published on August 30, 2016
There is so much to see and do in the Peoria Area! However, you can't enjoy them if you don't know how to get here! Let us help you with that as we Tour the Town and find out how to get to and from the Peoria Area, as well as get around!

Pekin, Illinois
Published on July 29, 2016
Join us as we tour Pekin to find the best ways to enjoy the summer!

Eastport Marina
Published on June 30, 2016
Spring has passed and the hot temperatures of Summer are here! In June's Tourin' the Town, Kaci visits Eastport Marina in East Peoria to see how to have fun, and stay cool, in the heat!

Washington, Illinois
Published on April 4, 2016
Washington, Illinois is a small community with a ton of charm and a number of hidden gems. Unless you live in town, however, you may not know about them. Follow Kaci as she spends a day in Washington and tries to uncover some of those Washington treasures!

IHSA March Madness
Published on March 14, 2016
March Madness is upon us! For two weekends, people from around Illinois flock to Peoria for the original March Madness - the IHSA Boys Basketball State Finals! Kaci Osborne Tours the Town to check out some of the places YOU can hit up during the tournament!

Beat the Winter Blues
Published on February 25, 2016
Spring is almost here, but that doesn't mean winter can't come back to haunt us! Kaci tours the Peoria Area to find ways to beat the winter blues!

The Peoria Area has a TON of amazing festivals that are well known throughout the Midwest - let's check them out!

East Peoria Festival of Lights
Published on December 2017
East Peoria's Festival of Lights is one of the Peoria Area's BIGGEST holiday traditions! People from all across the Midwest come to East Peoria to see the lights! Why do you ask? Watch this video to find out!

Morton Pumpkin Festival
Published on September 2017
Morton, Illinois is the Pumpkin Capital of the World! Seriously, it's a fact - check your canned pumpkin in the pantry! The Pumpkin Festival is the village's biggest event of the year it has EVERYTHING pumpkin! Don't believe, watch this video and TRY not to get hungry!

Pekin Marigold Festival
Published on September 2017
The Marigold Festival is one of Pekin's biggest events of the year! Did you know it was created to honor Pekin's favorite son - the late Senator Everett Dirksen? He LOVED Marigolds (enough to petition for it to become the national flower)! Come check out what makes this an amazing festival, not only for Pekin, but for the entire Peoria Area!

Washington Good Neighbor Days
Published on June 2017
The Good Neighbor Days Festival is a Washington tradition! Never been before? Check out this video!




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